“Variations on sushi and sashimi comprise more than half of the menu. I was particularly taken with several well-constructed maki (sushi rolls) that skillfully entwined texture, color and flavor.

Squid, salted plum and shiso make a rousing trio, one of the hosomaki, dainty small cylindrical hand rolls encased in crackling nori. More substantial is the Maui roll, draped with mango and tuna, stuffed with cucumber and cilantro, drizzled with spicy, pink mayo.

The riceless Columbia City roll wraps raw tuna and assorted lettuces in thin strips of cucumber instead of nori. Splashed with bracing ponzu, it has the refreshing vitality of a Vietnamese salad roll.

The Ceviche roll practically dances the tango on your tongue. JalapeƱo and cilantro are bundled inside; lime-marinated scallops and salmon wrap the outside. Black tobiko and the finely grated zest of charred lime deliver a smoky, briny finish.

The Baked Scallop Roll, in contrast, is soothing comfort food, a distant relative to Coquilles St. Jacques. Cucumber, asparagus and avocado form its creamy/crunchy core. There’s a bit of a spicy heat in the warm cream sauce ladled on top, thick with sliced scallops and smelt roe.”

Source: The Seattle Times